Buy and sell in safety!

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  • Eliminates the risks of fraud and scams
  • Is safe and easy to use
  • Helps protect any type of sale

How it Work

1. Buyer and seller agree on conditions of sale.
2. The buyer sends the money to Enapay.
3. The seller sends the goods or services to buyer.
4. Buyer confirms the goods or services as agreed.
5. Enapay sends funds to the seller.

Buy and sell products and services in all safety (middle)

General goods

From clothing and sports goods to furniture for your home. Anything you need to buy or sell online can be done safely and risk-free.


Our service also supports the sale of used cars, allowing you to avoid scams and frauds.

Cellphones, PCs and more

Many fall victim to online scams and frauds tied to buying and selling cellphones, PCs, tablets and other electronic goods.
This category often needs additional attention. Thanks to Enapay, you will be able to check your product and verify the cor

Domain names

Easily and quickly transfer domain names with the help of our staff. Our dedicated service Check Domain will not only make sure you receive your money, but will also follow the transfer of the domain property. Contact us for further information.
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Art & Jewelry

Buying and selling high valued art and jewels online can be very risky. You can use Enapay to make the transaction safe or take advantage of CheckIT Expert, in which an expert evaluator will ensure the authenticity of the good.

Software & Services

Are you looking to order a software or are you using a service? Make sure payments go smooth once the performance is over.
The ideal solution for Freelancers.

Why Choose CheckIT


Use the best available security system presently available on the market: the Escrow service, a versatile tool that lends itself to many applications, allowing it to be adapted to the needs of every specific case.

Avoid Scams and Frauds

The number of online scams and frauds is growing exponentially, following the trend online transactions, making online purchases anything but safe.

Protect your transaction

Enapay is born to allow buyers and sellers to use a simple and quick service that can protect both parties, allowing them to buy and sell safely.

Check and Pay

With Enapay you will have the possibility of paying the seller after having checked that the good or service in compliant with the initial agreement.