Markets in this historical period need a service that allows consumers and sellers to buy and sell online in total safety. Enapay is born to provide this service.

The idea for this company came after a “pain point” of a co-founder of the company, in which he was victim of a fraud while searching online for a portable computer.

When filing a police report, he found out there were a very high number of online frauds and many people were victims of these frauds. After a market study on online trades of goods and services, we found out that many people refrain from online purchases due to the lack of confidence and trust in this system, damaging both buyers and sellers.

Making purchasing safe for all.

We help people buying and selling in total safety, guaranteeing greater peace of mind in everyday sales. We are always aiming at offering faster, safer and more innovative services, and we always look at the future with the goal of becoming a reference point for anyone that would like to buy or sell good or services online.