Enapay eliminates the risk of scams and frauds

The safest way to buy and sell online is using a service that guarantees that the payment and goods or services are available and compliant with the agreed upon terms.
CheckIT provides a quick and easy service for maximum security of your purchases.

Thanks to Enapay buyers and sellers are both safe

1: The buyer can finally protect his money and check the goods

2: The seller can finally have an impartial party’s guarantee of solvency of the buyer

3: Quick and easy service, thanks to an intuitive user-interface. After filling out a quick form you will be able to start your online transaction

How it Work

1. Buyer and seller agree on conditions

Once registered, both buyer and seller will fill out a brief form where the terms of sale will be set, for example price and period of inspection. Once these terms are accepted by both parties, the transaction can begin.

2. The buyer deposits funds

The payment will be done to the Escrow account of Enapay that will verify the sum and will notify the seller that the payment has been done.

3. The seller provides the buyer with the goods or services

Once the payment has been verified, the seller is authorised to send goods/provide services and the tracking number of the package (in case of goods).

4. The buyer confirms the receipt of goods/services

The buyer will have pre-agreed upon time for inspection to check the goods/services and accept or refuse the goods/services.

CheckIT issues the payment

Once the buyer accepts the goods/services, Enapay will issue the payment to the seller.


An Escrow is a legal agreement in which the buyer deposits an amount to an account of a neutral third party (agent) until the other party complies with the clause agreed upon.

Once all the clauses are fulfilled, the agent will issue the amount deposited to the seller.

CheckIT will keep your funds in a secure account without interest or additional costs at the authorized financial institution Enapay and will issue it only to the fulfillment of the clauses established by the parties. CheckIT acts as a neutral intermediary ensuring that your transaction is protected against returns, frauds or incorrectly described goods.

Find out more

Enapay will always keep you updated on the status of the operation and, in case an action was required or needed, you will be notified thru e-mail.

For any issue or requests:

  • Online Chat: Mon-Fri From 9:00 to 19:30
  • Phone (whatsapp?): Mon-Fri From 9:00 to 19:30
  • Email: 24/7